FAM 175 3P three layer mask body production machine

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FAM 175 3P three-layer mask body production machine

Possibility to work with three layers of Won bread fabric, one layer of 195 mm oral surface and one layer of 175 mm of Melon Blon and one layer of 175 mm colored surface

Useful width of rolls 195, 175 and 175 mm as rolls

Useful length of the final mask 175 mm

Final speed 50 to 120 units per minute

ST37 Part of a 12 mm sheet wall

Emergency Shut Down Equipped with system

Ability to adjust the rolls when working across the roll

Engine speed control system of the device equipped with inverter

Equipped with an HP1.5 inverter controller with a Tabriz Moto Gene electric motor

The waste material in the device is made of extruded aluminum alloy

Possibility to work with 3-inch coils in roll opener and roll collector with sugar head

Equipped with engraving design sewing cylinder

Equipped with an ultrasonic unit made in Iran

Inside the PVC mask equipped with a coated wire

Equipped with alarm or shutdown system when completing input rolls

Equipped with output number counter



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