Professional silkscreen glass printing machine – Anna FAgl

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Specifications of professional silkscreen glass printing machine – Anna FAgl

– Silk screen printing machine with special entrance conveyor for professional printing of all types of glass (gas, heater, car, etc.)

Equipped with PLC controller to control all components and touch screen control panel (HMI) with Persian pages

– Useful printing dimensions in the dimensions of 90 * 60, 100 * 70 and 220 * 150 cm

– Knife controller and pneumatic system cover

– Machine capacity 8 prints per minute (car glass printing 4 prints per minute)

– Equipped with emergency shut down system

Ability to adjust the mesh separator from the printed work surface for paints with high mineral coating and resins

Equipped with input wheel table for easy control of the input printing area

– Equipped with rolling at the end for easy operation in removing glass

Equipped with end control eye for the safety of the output glasses

Equipped with glass position printing controller

– Equipped with a large conveyor to move the glass to the printing area

Ability to work in two cycles

A- First cover and then printing (dry mesh cycle)

B- First printing and then coating (wet mesh cycle)

– Ability to cover several times for oven and heater glass with high coverage

– Ability to transfer movement and conveyor, اي base and all intermediate printing accessories

– Equipped with two pneumatic jacks at the beginning and end of the glass to increase the quality and accuracy of printing

Equipped with input suspension system with four jacks and movable wheels to facilitate the operator to angle the input

– Equipped with a conveyor belt in a prominent way to prevent the conveyor width from moving

Equipped with a key for deducting printed waste from the entire project

– Equipped with a hazard cut-off switch at the glass outlet

– Equipped with fiberglass glass bag at the entrance to the printing section

– Equipped with servo motor


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