Professional silk screen printing machine – Ava FAsi

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Specifications of professional silk screen printing machine – Ava FAsi

– Useful dimensions of printing in maximum four types 60 * 80 cm 150 * 200, 100 * 100 ‚70 * 100,

– Control of knife and veneer with pneumatic system

– The capacity of the machine is ten to twelve prints per minute

Equipped with HMI touch screen (computer system using touch screen interface between human and machine with Persian pages)

Coating motor and electronic variable speed printing with inverter

Ability to count the finished prints with PLC electronic system

– Electronic control system of all components with very easy scheduling capability

Ability to adjust the mesh separator from the printed work surface for varnishes, mineral paints and resins with high viscosity

– Vacuum system is ideal for printing varnishes and colors with high viscosity

Ability to adjust the table while working in X, Y directions

Ability to adjust the table vertically while working

Ability to adjust the pressure of the knife and rubber (SQUEEGEE)

Ability to adjust the movement of the cover and head with the help of electronic eyes

– Ability to work with mineral paints, etc.

– Equipped with emergency shut down system

Ability to work in two cycles:

A- First cover and then printing (dry mesh cycle)

B- First printing and then coating (wet mesh cycle)

– Ability to cover several times for high coverage printing


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