Flexographic four-color paper printing machine – Kiana FAch 4… PA

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Specifications of four-color flexographic paper roll printing machine-Kiana FAch 4… PA

Possibility of printing using gelatin stencil system

Useful printing width in three types: 75, 102 and 120 cm as a roll

– Useful length 30 to 125 cm

– Final speed 70 meters per minute

– Possibility of simultaneous printing on the back and front (0 + 4), (1 + 3) and (2 + 2)

– Possibility of printing in rolls, suitable for thermo paper

– Equipped with uniform retractor system with roller dancing and tension control

– Equipped with a dryer system with high thermal power in accordance with the maximum speed of the device.

– Equipped with emergency shut down system

– Has a set of printing rollers (stencil cylinder) with a length of 600 mm

– Ability to adjust colors when printing the length and width of the roll

– Has three parts of hot air blower with control valve

– Has three solvents gas suction with control valve

– Engine speed control system of the device equipped with an inverter

– Has a four-cylinder instant luxury tram transmission in each printing unit with 80 tram

– Computer system using touch screen (touch sensitive screen) HMI interface between human and machine with Persian pages

, For easy control and adjustment of lubrication times and drying frequency of the unit

Equipped with pneumatic jacks for fast engagement of rubber paper lock cylinders

Equipped with PLC computer controller system to control all components and winder units

– Roll screw equipped with control tension system with independent 5.5 HP electric motor

– Printing unit equipped with 5.5 HP independent electric motor

– Printing units equipped with four composite pump units for complete mixing of the ink and achieving uniformity in printing

– Lubrication system automatically to all parts that need lubrication and are not available


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