Polypropylene sack cutting and sewing machine (Kiarash design) FAcse750 Gu

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Specifications of polypropylene sack cutting and sewing machine (Kiarash design) FAcse750 Gu

– No need for manpower in the sack transfer section under the sewing wheel (only in full automatic machine)

– Ability to work with different types of sack rolls

– Production capacity of 20 to 35 boards per minute

Equipped with PLC controller system and HMI display screen (touch screen) interface between human and machine to control all components and precise settings

– Cutting length 600 to 1300 mm ٭ – Inlet diameter 1200 mm

– Cutting width up to 750 mm ٭ – Cutting accuracy + – Two millimeters

– Top sheets of anti-wear steel machine

– Cutting blade resistant to adhesion of polypropylene with long life

– Equipped with power regulator to control the temperature of the cutting blade element with digital index

– Equipped with speed control unit on the wheel with inverter

– Equipped with speed control unit in the conveyor part of the wheel unit with inverter

Equipped with a counting unit for the number of output sacks with a waste reducer

– Equipped with smoke suction resulting from the cutting operation

– Conveyor end handle with complete counting and waste reduction power

– Equipped with servo motor to control and fast sack cutting

– Opener unit equipped with pneumatic jacks to remove the sack roll

– Ability to install sheet printing up to 4 colors


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